I love commissions! How does it work?

Step 1: Email me your choice of size and colors, and I email you back with pricing. Step 2: Email me any words or pictures or music that you want me to use to inspire me, OR email me an available or archive painting you want me to re-create (sometimes I use processes to paint, because I like following steps!). Step 3: I email you a picture half-way to make sure you like what is happening. Step 4: I email you a picture of the finished art, and if you like it you buy it. Step 5: We ship it to you, if you are HAPPY. I want you to be happy.

How long does a commission piece take to paint? That just depends. Sometimes I finish in one day. Sometimes a few weeks. And I paint every day so I am busy. I will do my best.

My email is

Thanks Friends! Charlie French